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Making money up to this point has been no problem. It was just the quantity you had to do it with. I was selling around 300-500 stims a week. That combined with farming some of the matts myself, some of the slicing missions myself and what not it was quite possible to make a good amount. I am supplying my guild as well, so I would go through 4-6 milions in missions alone each week, and sell prolly 10 mill between Adrenals / Stims /Implants. It was the only way to keep the guild stocked, so I figured it out. Now, its just impossible.
It's mathematically impossible to spend that much money in missions each week... Even playing 24/7, and even if you ALWAYS had the optimal number of the required missions available...

Regardless, I don't doubt you spent a lot, and sold alot... But not the millions you are stating
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