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I agree that PvP for many players is frustrating as a fresh 50... and a change would be good. I just don't think this change is the right one.

I stand by my idea of a recruit bracket. While it would also slow down queue times I think THAT idea would be worth it and promote a less frustrating way for players to get geared. This idea simply promotes non-competitive game play and further dumbs down PvP and gives players no incentive to improve, and simply let's them marinate in their badness.

TL;DR: I want ideas that will promote competition and I also agree that PvP for a below average fresh 50 is not appealing. THIS idea is not a good choice but a change that better promotes fresh 50 PvP is.
I forgot to add for my idea to work is what you suggest, cross server queue's. Since my solution will only work over a long term, cross-server queue's will provide more competitive teams to face each other that would happen sooner. The best part about competition is bragging rights and people trying to take that #1 spot. Cross server queue's will help maintain the high caliber players, while another bracket for new players would bring in more blood, which hopefully will form more bonds(teams) to move on to the next level.