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Greetings and welcome to the Holocron Archive! Custom made 3D of the SWTOR universe.

It's been a long time since I was here, but during the year of the SWTOR beta I was an active participant both in-game as well as in the fan art forum. In addition to personal projects I did multiple requests for other beta users in an effort to expand my skills in 3D. All work here was created personally, from modeling and textures to lighting and compositing, using Autodesk Maya as a base program.

I was featured in the May 2011 Bioware Fan Art Showcase for my 'Sith Holocron' based on an un-used stage prop from the films. It is shown with my personal collection below or through the link. The experience was a great inspiration and drove me to learn and create more!

This thread was archived during beta and originally had links to replies containing addtional renders and work in progress images for each project shown here. They were lost during the wiping of the forums and need to be rewritten. Soon I will update this post and add new information as well as links to the 1080p renders.

Thank you for looking! I hope to have more to share soon.


Latest project:

'Lost Padawan Lightsaber' - 9/17/11
Fan Friday Showcase