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There are three US-based RP servers. Two are Player vs Environment (PvE). The east coast server is named The Ebon Hawk, and the west coast server is named Bergeren Colony. The time difference between peak hours for both are only off by a few hours from one another, which makes the choice between them even more about personal preference.

The third is Player vs Player (PvP), and is called Jung Ma. It's based on the east coast and has the lowest population of all three US RP servers.

Of all three, The Ebon Hawk has the higher population. It's important to remember that not everyone on RP servers are there to RP all of the time, but with a higher population you do have a better chance to run into the heavy RP you're looking for.

If population numbers aren't enough to help you choose, I would suggest getting at least one character on both PvE servers (AND the PvP server if you don't mind open world PvP) to ship-access. You will not be (as far as I know) penalized for creating characters on both servers. This will allow you to check the typical hotspots for RP: The fleet(s), and Nar Shaddaa (the entire Promenade area generally), and to a lesser extent all four starting worlds (Korriban or Tython for example.)

Personal notes: I play on The Ebon Hawk. A half-dozen or so smaller RP servers were combined to make this one. The fleet is usually full of people, with a good mix of RPers and others just running around playing the game. There are two established server-wide social RP events that tend to be cross-faction. Bergeren Colony may also have things like this, but as I have never played on that server, I don't know for sure either way.


Edit to add:

There are European servers that also have English as the designated language. Over there, there is one PvE RP server named The Progenitor. In population numbers it's very close to The Ebon Hawk.

Beyond that, there's one English-designated oceanic PvE RP server named Gav Daragon. It is somewhere between the population of Bergeren Colony and Jung Ma.
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