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I hear all of you but I dont think the underlying issue is really understood. Especially for the Empire side PvP has become two tiered already, the first tier is the groups who are doing the premades and unless you are already fully geared and something you need, then you need not apply. The second group is everyone else, they are not as well geared and they are getting flat destroyed and it happens very fast.

Example, even when playing against premades my Sage who is geared can lay down over 250k damage even when in a bad group and can garner 8 medals without a lot of problems. She will wind up with 20 kills or more and since the next time may be against the premade but with a geared up bunch of pug playes even the premade may have problems with then it is all ok. On the Empire side numerous matches where the top toon with kills is under 10, which means that it is all or nothing. Plus as a Inquisitor healer, she really with the cooldowns is limited in the damage she deals and dies too fast in a stun fury to do much. That plus by definition doing damage is taking away from what her role is which is to heal.

Thus if you have to deal damage to get medals which would allow you to get to Battlemaster in the 6-8 days that everyone quotes then I repeat my original statement it is broken and Bioware obviously doesnt want heals in PvP. Either that or they really designed the whole medals totally towards dps which is the same thing. When the guy with 8 kills has 5 - 7 medals and I have healed for 250k to 300k and I have 2 medals then something is bad wrong with the way PvP awards the medals and points you need for gear.

Until there is a way to fix the way that PvP is being played right now I stand by my statement, and ask do you want the healer who you are depending upon to keep you alive healing or working their tail off to get some dps in order to get some medals? Hopefully you would want them healing and being compensated appropriately for it and not having to break out and do dps badly which is about the only way a Healer does it in PvP.
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