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I'm going to have to find one on the GTN, when people start selling them (which I hope they will). The sports bra of awesome-protection should turn most players of female characters off purchasing one*.

*I've seen people complain it's not sexy enough. I think it looks extremely practical and is a nice change from the general Anne Summer's range most games have.
Good luck getting one. From what I've seen, they've really nerfed purple drops from the cartel packs.

Looks like standard EA bait and switch to me. Which begs the question, if they would go that far on cartel packs what else would they bait and switch on us? SGRA's?

EA/BW then: "Oh we have to make SGRA's quality, that's why they aren't in. Ran out of time."

EA/BW one year later: "We flipped the gender switch on flirts! SGRA's are now in game! You're welcome! Hooray for EA!"

Us: "..."

US: "WHAT THE ****?!!!!!"