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And you just proved my point why GBTF is better than a stun. It forces team to NOT FF the sent. And CCing them only works if their healers are too stupid to use cleanse.
Nice straw man attempt but I didn't say or try to prove anything of the sort. PVP 101: Attack the healers first, ignore or cc the DPS (most dps are hard to kill with an unmolested healer and a tank nearby, even with focus fire). PVP 103: Attack the healer's tanks first (sometimes).

It's funny you claim having a regular stun is the best defense in skirmishes and duels, yet fail to realize sents are currently one of the best duelers right now, even though every other class (except guardians) has a regular stun, and sents don't.
Sents are in the top 3 or 4 advanced classes in 1v1, yes. They lose plenty vs several classes though and several specs can beat them from the other advanced classes with the right skill/gear. That has nothing to do with my argument tho.

God you are bad. Like 700 RWZ rating bad. And the worst part about your baddiness is that you really think you're good. You're the kind of idiot who probably yells at their team in WZs for sucking, but at the end of the match has done jack****. Please go play Hello Kitty Island Adventures instead.
Does it get tiring being wrong about everything? I never claimed to be a great pvper but I would love it if these forums had an Armory - makes it much easier to filter out the trolls.