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You know if you really want some good input.Go to the fleets and planets.Sit back with a cup of coffee and listen to what folks say.There is too many people that think they speak for everyone.Wrong frelling answer.That is your best bet.Take a break..smoke if you got them and I think you will get a good idea what folks feel needs done or fixed.
That's funny, republic fleet is filled with former subscribers hating what f2p has become, the skill bars costing money being a noteworthy mention. The fact is, the majority of responses here is the sad truth and EA are playing dumb to these problems and once again it's going to cost them when they are further forced to downsize the dev team when f2p fails.

The sad thing is, the idea of the state of game is to help communication between developers and players and not only to keep us informed but for us to feel like they care. Sadly, it has the exact opposite effect and there is so many things wrong with what is said that it's blatantly obvious that bEAware (sorry but it best describes the developers) are completely out of touch with the loyal fans of this game or they simply just don't care. I could argue with every single of those three points mentioned however it would read almost identical to what the guy some posts above mine who has been playing for a few months has said.

I'll finish off by saying that I won't be reading state of the game anymore. It saddens me with what is put and further reminds me of what this game could have been if the decision makers weren't incompetent half whits and it wasn't so painfully obvious that the same incompetent people are still there while the talented ones have moved on. Keep trying though bEAware, hopefully when f2p fails, some higher ups heads deservedly roll.