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11.15.2012 , 05:08 PM | #2
Yeah, here's hoping they'll do something about the lack of mobility.

While I don't feel uber gimped, I definitely feel sub-par to other classes. The lack of a true escape ability is really noticeable, especially since we can't hold our own in a 1v1 like the Powertech can. We have heavy armor and a shield CD, but we can't hard-cast anything unless we've already managed to get up a full stack of Power Barrier (assuming we're going Arsenal in the first place).

If Powertechs weren't lacking missiles, I'd roll one instead of my Merc. I love it in PvE with all the stuff available to throw around, but in PvP it's a game of "I hope that guy doesn't spot me. I hope that guy doesn't spot me. I hope that g-- argh!" /Shadow'd.
If only I'd hit spacebar more often...