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11.15.2012 , 04:48 PM | #1
Since i dont have 'privalages' anymore swtor has truly robbed blind previous paid members such as myself, oh all fine and dandy giving cartel coins if we 'subscribe' the fact free to play is truly laughable , aion went free to play you dont see it restricting side bars and options for currency, but whats mroe salt in the wound is that as a previous paid to play member i grinded for items and features that have not only been taken but removed completly. ea have taken my money and my time and completly robbed me blind you absolute *********** *****. wont be surprised this gets removed my account gets banned just more proof that my statement was true

excample: grinding for inventory slots took , paid subscribtion and time, you removed that and took it from me i.e you are stealing what i paid for ea go forth and **** youreself in a distant galaxy ,!,,