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There are alot of guilds struggling out there. People come and go from the game as other MMO"s come out, or just because they never found the right guild community to call home and they become bored with the game due to a lack of social interaction. Even good guilds have their ups and downs. And sometimes your active roster of guildies just continously declines and it becomes harder to recruit. Merging two guilds together can be a solution to this problem.

has successfully merged with numerous small guilds. We are an over 18 crowd that mostly enjoys PVE although many members also PVP. We have 2 raid teams currently, one 16 man team and one 8 man teams. We do weekend ops every weekend for members not on dedicated raid teams. Our guild is loosely structured without alot of hardcore rules because this is a game and it is meant to be "played". Our members are friendly and full of inappropriate humor (hence over 18). We love this game and do our best to have fun while gaining progression in end game content.

If your guild is experiencing “issues” keeping you from enjoying the game then it may be time to search for a good community of gamers in another guild to join your group with. Come get to know Hellbenters and see if we would be a good home for you and your friends. You have nothing to lose and friends to gain!

You can contact me either in game or by putting up an application on our website. I will give you our Teamspeak details and we can chat about what we offer and what your group is looking for.
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