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11.14.2012 , 11:51 PM | #94
The reason why most sites have/are giving up is simple. Its bad, real bad, Community Management on Biowares part.

Communities and the many fansites are the life blood of any MMO. If you fail to support them, you fail to gain support as is the case with SWTOR. From the early days when Sean was the so called Senior Manager to Stephen Reid, the community team failed to help support fansites.

Sure, we had a couple of 'guild summits' but I am talking about giving exclusive screenshots, interviews, live developer chats through out the pre launch build up and general 'community love'. I did run a site for the game early on, mostly down to my connections with LucasArts at that time and those of you who played Galactic Battlegrounds, Empire At War and SWGalaxies etc will know me from there.

So I would arrange all my community stuff directly through them. Then once EA took over everything - it changed. I was told a so called person whose name is that of a popular Sega fishing game, NOT to attend any media events in the UK any more, make no requests for live chats and that there wont be any kind of support going forward.

Personally, I was stunned. A member of the community team telling me that there wont be any community support. SO I said 'stuff it' and pulled all my plans and ideas to support the game and looking at whats going on around, so is everyone else.

That's the main reason and even still today, the Bioware community team still just don't get what community management is about - its more than just a forum, or a pointless tweet.