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Evelyns jaw dropped. That's an entire Imperial battle fleet... Alert the Revivers get the crew to their battle stations!

Ravna stared for a bit more before seeing several Imperial warships leave hyperspace. No... she muttered.

Darth Howl walked to the bridge while in hyperspace. As soon as the fleet came out he gave the order.Open fire! The ship shook as it's cannons began firing. Markos smiled leaving Howl's office he walked towards another Hangar, Nerken was in tow behind him , as they boarded a nearby fury star fighter and launched out the hangar. He opened a com channel to Graal. Graal! It's urgent I was captured by Imperial spies aboard your ship and taken to see Darth Howl! He's going for the Star furnace! I've managed to escape with the aid of a Republic sympathizer! I will head there to see if I cannot help coordinate a counter attack!