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First, Snipers are a DPS class, and as such they have it easier than tanks or healers, really. You can run with a DPS companion for regular and even silver mobs, and switch to Kalyio or Dr. Lokin for bosses, makes things faster.

First things first: the melee skills. You have a melee stun, a small damage, and a big-damage-only-when-stunned. Guess what? Wait for one mob to get into melee, then melee stun, damage, bigdamage, then push them back (regular mobs die by the time you push them back, bosses don't, but still you keep them stunned for a bit, which prevents their damage).

Otherwise, you'll mostly be using the ranged skills. Use the probes and the shatter shots to debuff the enemy, and then lay into them with damage. Applying all the probes and debuffs uses up energy, so once you're done you want to shoot the energy-free shot (to recover some) and then switch to the high-power shots to kill them off.

Always start with Ambush, it's a long activation skill. I usually do Ambush+ShatterShot as the opening combo, followed by the probes and then the damage shots till dead.

For talents, out of the Engineering tree you absolutely want: Interrogation Probe (it's a good DoT), and all the improvements to Explosive Probe, esp. the Cluster Bombs. Cluster Bombs are amazing, anyone's shots suddenly take out huge chunks of HP from the target's bar when the bombs are active. Finally, you also want the Instant Snipe.

Out of the Marksmanship tree you want:
- to make Ambush ignore armor (you usually open with it, so it's used before you can debuff the armor).
- Ballistic Dampers so that when you start the fight the enemy response is ignored for a while (this is awesome, as most enemies open up with their biggest, nastiest damage first, and also Kalyio hasn't had a chance to taunt yet).
- the other Instant Snipe
- Followthrough - it's a free, instant, huge damage shot that works awesomely with Ambush and all the instant Snipes you've been getting.

And, don't forget to use your defenses and ranged stuns. They are critical for interrupting big-damage abilities. You see the boss cast bar going, you MUST interrupt it.