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11.14.2012 , 10:25 PM | #1001
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Well merge pvp and pve and let RP do whatever. IDC really. If they cannot be happy with a all server merge then good luck to them. leave their server as it is or move them to some RP server on west coast.

All I want is a proper pop to enjoy this game and not have to see the same 20-30 people in all the raids all the time.
That **** isn't going to fly, the best solution would be merging other servers with the same timezone as APAC and ping in the US. I was pretty pissed when I saw APAC servers just being alone, for the obvious reasons that they didn't want to alienate the US customers. No matter what in MMO's oceanic realms will always be third world citizens.

Its sorta stupid that they didn't even implement cross realms instead for the APAC servers.

I don't have much confidence either that F2play will be the solution for the APAC community either, it may gives us a boost but their advertising campaign in australia is 0. At most we might get an influx of prodigal players who will then be on intermittently because the server population problem and queuing is the same issue it is when they left.