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11.14.2012 , 10:15 PM | #1
This mission is a kick in the . With a good group, it took us about 40+ minutes to complete. Had we been perfect, 30 minutes tops. The mission wasn't hard, we even aggroed an extra 3 elites on one pull when we were already managing 2 more and we survived. So the mission was fine. It is just that long heroics in this game have usually meant that the reward looks less and less appealing. It's not a flashpoint after all.

That said, the reward on this one was lacking, which is an understatement. You have the choice of one Taris comm, an unmodded weapon for your companion, or a blue gilded prototype storage box. Really?! Nothing for you, weapons for your companions which are useless as there are not even any mods in them, and only 1 commendation? 1?!

I have noticed that Empire heroics are quite under rewarded compared to Republic, but this was.... *sigh*

Please fix this.
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