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Markos walked into Howls office. The dark council member sat behind his desk marveling at one of his trophies. You summoned me my master? Markos said bowing at the door.

My loyal apprentice, Lord Markos. Ho goes our little plan? Darth Howl said inquisitively.

Markos raised his head All goes well. The Star Furnace is ready to be taken over. It will be an easy task. I made sure the station had very few people on board for the power core installation... Shall we go claim our prize?

Howl smiled he would show the Revievers and the Republic a new meaning of fear. He pressed a button on his desk activating an intercom.All ships decloak and prepare for hyperspace! A massive fleet revealed itself. Soon they all began to launch into to hyperspace. Their attack had begun.

Ravna walked down the corridors of the ship til she reached one with a very large window overlooking the rest of the fleet. She waited Rafeesh to catch up with her.