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"Trouble also, Yaddle could give them. Better this way, it is."- Jedi Master Yaddle, practitioner of Morichro

Morichro is similar to Malacia, but far more deadly. Morichro borders on a power used by the Sith. Jedi Master Yaddle discusses Morichro in the following recording found in the Great Holocron...

Learned of Morichro from a single source, I did not. Barely hinted at it, three holocrons did. Partially described over many ancient scrolls and tomes, it was. Used by Jedi long ago, Morichro was. Used, forbidden, and forgotten.

A Force technique, it is. The body functions of targets, it rapidly slows. Most effective for subduing opponents, this is.

Yet dangerous, too. Constantly monitored, a target must be. Fail to reverse the process, should the Jedi, and indefinite, the unconsciousness can be. Die by dehydration or starvation, can an unintended target. Realized this, the ancient Jedi did.

Much research into history, I have done. Known to use this technique, dark-side Force-users are not. Not malevolent is Morichro. To master Morichro, less malevolent uses of the Force must a student master first.

An ancient, forbidden technique, Morichro was banned from use by the Jedi Council due to the consequenses that can occur from abusing this power. Morichro induces a sort of Force trance on the target, slowing the body down until the target loses conciousness. If a Jedi is not careful with this ability, the target can be entranced until death.

Morichro, when used correctly, can be a useful power to subdue a target quickly and effectively. However, a Jedi must constantly monitor their target to prevent an unintentional death. Only the most disciplined of Jedi can master this powerful ability, but only if the Council deems them capable of practicing it.

The Sith do not practice Morichro, despite its deadly capabilities, because it requires the mastery of abilities not inherent to the Sith, abilities the Sith deem unnecessary.

While Morichro can be dangerous, the benefits of its mastery can be very helpful in defending the Republic.

Morichro remains forbidden to the Jedi to all but a select few. Our next power is also forbidden to the Jedi, but has become a trademark of the Sith. Can you guess what it is?

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