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Well, we have seen the new gear in the weapons. I don't think there is much to cry about there. At least any more than was already there. Then again; I could be underestimating the power of the Q side.
The Q side is strong.

I don't see any reason for new gear to be honest. Min/Maxing WH is almost as big a jump from WH to Min/Maxed as it is from BM to WH. And I also don't mind if PvE is always a gear tier or more ahead of PvP. The grind is greater in PvP and people should be able to enjoy what they've earned for awhile before they have to jump in and start grinding again for another set.

But 1 new WZ map is ridiculous. This game should have launched with 10 maps minimum. It launched with 3. Then to the dev teams surprise PvP was super popular. So their response was to release 1 new map in 7 months. And now they will supposedly release the map that was ready in August to us the last week of 2012 so they can claim they released 2 maps in the same calender year. LOL.

Especially with no World PvP, a WZ player should be able to sit down and play WZ's for 2 solid hours minimum before they see the same map.

All these devs have done in relation to PvP is to make it worse. Awesome!
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