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I get the reason for raids. Hell they are one of the few things I do on a weekly basis and about the only thing thats worth any equipment once you have played through a few hard mode flash points. I remember the first time I got tionese or Columi gear and then Rakata and then blackhole/campaign sets. To the point where most the end game content offers nothing in the way of gear and we end up rolling on loot for alts or companions.

That said I get the feeling harder and harder rehashes of the same content only appeals to the hard core raid guilds. Learning new instant death mechanics or having to mash keys faster to get the mob down before he enrages and one hits the tank or having to turn guildies away cause they haven't ground out the necessary gear or augments or a small mistake resulting in a wipe just isn't that much fun. Let alone having to slowly work through each set of trash mobs with CC's and taxing the tanks and healers to keep up while the dps get an experience similar to chopping wood to take down what we like to call trash. And all of this for what? The next level of gear so that we can then do the next hard or nightmode.

With the introduction of F2P the same time this goes live I wonder how accessable this will be for the more casual free to play gamer. Provided they purchase the pass to do the op will they find its a wipe with the first bunch of trash and throw in the towel. Equally how accessable is this sort of content without trial and error re-runs and guides along with some form of vent, teamspeak or mumble. As such if high end raids with new and more difficult mechanics is the way the dev team is going do they feel that their is sufficient demand in a fair causal friendly story driven MMO to keep subscribers playing? Then given how important Story i.e. the fourth pillar that BW were bringing to the MMO how does a rehash of hard mode which was a rehash of story mode fit into story. Has BW given up on the 4th Pillar and no longer wish to bring this to the MMO?

It seems the game from level 1 to 50 and even the early end game experience with a number of different hard mode flashpoints to get the gear is a very different experience than is currently being offered. Where the current end game is more about replaying a couple of raids that is only really accessable to hard core raid groups. While little else seems to be offered for other styles of play.