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cartoons comics books and films. but films also have to have sepcial rules , it might be ok to let han fight a sith and win in a film tho it would never happen in the "real" canon of lore.

like this game all troopers smugglers agents and bounty hunters are as powerful as jedi/sith which is complete and utter tosh lore wise but because in a game balance > lore thats the way it has to be
If you remember, Jango Fett killed a Jedi and out matched Obi-wan (though Obi was trying to capture him, not kill him) Jango also would have at least survived Mace, if his jet pack was working.
Skill plus amazing gear makes someone hard to stop.
Do I think Han could take down a Sith, other then setting up a trap for the Sith, or using the environment, he could not do it.