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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this recruitment page. We at evo are looking for new members for , raiding , pvp, leveling alts or even if this is your first toon . Raid times are during the week from 8 east coast till 1130 pm.

We are trying to get more raiding up for the weekend , and also pvp days for teams . We are a very laid back group of people that we believe you will get along with if you are interested. We are not elitists , so don't worry there.
We are currently 5/5 TFB HM , and 1/4 EC NIM . We are currently looking for all classes , for either expanding to 16 man or for second and third raid teams to happen. Don worry if you are currenly not geared enough we can help you there !

Please remember we are looking for players who want to play the game for enjoyment , progression and fun , and also to make new friends . Please dont be intimidated this is just to help you and us out to make sure it would be a mutual fit . All skill levels are welcome here !

We currently do all HM mode raids and NIM modes and would like to do more with alts or whatever is needed most of us have geared alts so filling spaces is very easy. Now we do take our raids seriously , and want to continue to progress . We would like YOU to be a part of that with us , and grow as a gaming family . We are currently looking for all classes . We can make some armors , mods and enchancements also.

New guildies should no there is no time limit on having loot , you are raiding you are welcome to the gear ! We do not hord crafting mats we distribute them evenly to guildies after the raid is complete!

Thanks again for reading , and considering us if you currently an active player and want to play we believe we will be the guild for you !
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