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11.14.2012 , 06:45 PM | #13
OP: For Disney's future treatment of Star Wars and Indy fan creations, you'll have to look at what they've done with Marvel properties. As far as I know not much has changed with respect to Marvel fan creations.

As for SWTOR not much will change, Lucausfilm mainly collected the licensing checks from EA/Bioware. They have some input on what is allowed and disallowed, but that's about it. The contract EA/Bioware signed with Lucausfilm still stands and nothing outside of signing a new contract can change that. Disney has to honer all prior contracts made by Lucusfilm, just like they had to honor all contracts made by Marvel (X-Men is still licensed to Fox, Spider-Man to Sony, and Avengers/Iron Man/Thor/Captain America to Paramount)

As for Mickey Mouse being written into any SW movies of games, All I can say is... I haven't heard about Disney forcing Mickey or any other character into issues of Spider-Man over the last 2 years. So I really doubt it will happen with SW.

The only major issue I see would be with ILM, I cannot imagine other production studios giving money to Disney (indirectly) for CGI effects. While ILM was independent separate production companies supporting them would be fine, but handing money over to your competition seems like a bad idea to me.