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11.14.2012 , 06:40 PM | #49
The SW:TOR soundtrack is amazing, however it's rarely heard at all and even when it is, it's only a small piece of a planet's theme for example. On the other hand the flashpoints seem to have looping music, but then again it's only few short music pieces that repeat throughout all flashpoints.

I remember that in a Dev Dispatch video about the music of The Old Republic released before the game launch they were saying that they don't want the music to be too noticeable, that they don't want a player to say "Hey that Alderaan battle theme was amazing!"...

I'm asking here - was this the same approach that John Williams took when writing the original Star Wars Soundtrack? That he didn't want it to be recognizable? Or when George Lucas wanted music to be playing in almost every minute of the movies?

No it was not and all over the world the Star Wars music is incredibly popular and recognizable. It is my strong belief that by making SW:TOR's music just a sparse background tune you're taking away a big part of the "Star Wars" of the game. The music editors need to thoroughly review where and what music is playing - most importantly outside the cinematic scenes.

You have the original Star Wars music from the six movies, you have the KOTOR soundtrack and you invested a lot in producing an extremely high quality soundtrack for SW:TOR, just put it there and let it play. The powerful recognizable music is one of the distinct traits of all that is Star Wars!