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To Dark Jesters - Love seeing Kyarra and Deebs and the rest on my side when I zone in. It gets painful when it is the other way around.

To Wanted - Still around since Thana Vesh. And still a thorn in my side even as an Imp instead of a Rep.

To the old Thana Vesh Republic groups - Like seeing Krath and Forrester and Hennessey and others from back in the day.

To WOOK - Don't hear much bragging or anything from your guild, but you are consistently well coordinated and tough whenever I see you.

To the Shifted PvP crew - Someday we'll last more than a few minutes in ranked. Someday.

To everyone else who may have seen me in the early days of the game - I was never a good PvP'er until this game. I learned a lot from the people back on TV when the game started and learned more since the queues have picked up after the merges. Thanks.


Ah thana vesh, im getting good memories =)

my favorite of all will always be Loor camping people on the giant ice pillar in central on ilum.

many man-tears were shed in frustration