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11.14.2012 , 06:13 PM | #7
SWTOR Reforged Episode 17: Ootini!

We have FINALLY returned, and the wait was worth it! The crew sits down with Chill and Teo from Ootini-Cast! After escaping the clutches of Slimey The Hutt, Chill and Teo talk with Evarwyn, Lou and Fred about their week in game as well as the MASSIVE news that Disney purchased Lucas Arts and that there WILL be an Episode 7,8 and 9! Also, the guys talk a bit about F2P model as we learn more information, not the least of which being an announcement from Joveth Gonzalez that 1.5 will not be this week, but rather, VERY soon! After our talk, Lou enters the Jedi Archives where he presents to us the origins of the title “Darth”!

SWTOR Reforged Episode 17: Ootini!