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If they do it well, this is the kind of DPS* I'd love to THANK at the end of the run.

That said, I'd bet a dollar that they're actually Powertech Tanks who queued up as tanks AND DPS in order to get into a party as soon as possible.
i bet the ptech didnt realize he was q'd as dps

the same thing happened the other day on my healer
i q'd up- both dps and healer were checked liked the other 1000 times when i q'd and ran as healer (my spec)
we start fp and 4/5 through i realize i'm not the "healer"
still got through the fp fine - no one ever seemed to get below 80% but it took a bit of time to kill a few things

bottom line- it happens- if there was no wipe in a random pug i consider it a victory