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Sounds like a gear issue, and also a rotation and priority issue.

Buy all orange modifiable gear- head,chest,legs, gloves, boots, belt, bracer. Plus you want a modifiable main and off hand weapon.

Gear to all blue mods of even level- upgrade every 2 lvls for armorings - no exceptions. Purple armorings are even better, but no need early on when you level fast, maybe switch to purples in your 40s, but ALWAYS blue quality or better. always.

Upgrade mods/enhancements every 3-4 levels following the same rules as above. These are a little less important than your armorings while leveling up, but this is where you get your crit% surge% and accuracy% buffs.

Barrels should be purple artifact quality at all times for pure DPS classes like sniper/gunslinger. your barrel is the most important mod you have (especially for gunslinger where you need 2) ------these determine your damage.

Clean up your rotation as outlined in the posts above- spec marksman early on and use the abilities that sync with your talents.

Clean up your priority targeting by concentrating on weak/normal/silver/gold in that order while letting your tank companion hold the strongest mobs while you burn through weakest first. Use your crowd controls- disable droids, use stun grenades, etc.

Gear your companion as if it were your character. Pick one (tank) and gear it up as I outlined above. you can stick to blue mods for your companion- but make sure the armorings are up to date so they can absorb damage while you kill.

good luck, have fun.
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