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Adrenals are no longer usable in warzones and no one is calling for their return, hence its irrelevant ..or as I said an anachronistic argument.
And we don't use bags to buy gear anymore, but that didn't stop you from claiming pvp bags were better.

Nope, we noticed the difference day one of 1.2 when everyone was still in BM gear. We wondered if defensive stats were working at all or something similar. But I do agree that the gap between aug'd min/max WH gear and recruit is too large.
Defensive stats haven't changed at all since launch in the way they work in pvp, so I don't know why you brought it up. The removal of relic/adrenals (damage portion) highered TTK while the expertise fix lowered TTK. I feel those two changes balanced out, and TTK hasn't changed all that much between equal geared players.

Difference of opinion. I'd rather gamble a shorter gear grind than be guaranteed a two month pursuit (even longer for many players).
You're the only one that wants an RNG bag system vs. a guaranteed system. Nobody else wants to go back to that ****** RNG bag system but you. When people put in effort to get a reward, but then aren't rewarded (due to RNG), it makes them not want to play.

There is no benefit from a long gear grind. BW seems to have adopted the archaic EQ model of the distant carrot, but the MMO demographic has grown to include people with careers and families. The game should adapt to the times. Options are a good thing, for example, if when logging into the game I could choose from a multitude of alts instead of just 2 (which has taken me this long to fully gear) my game time would offer a broader experience. eg. I'm bored of my vanguard, so Ill play my shadow instead of logging off. Requiring a significant time investment to reach the baseline of competitiveness is an unnecessarily intimidating prospect and it surely puts many people off. And btw, retaining current players and attracting new players to pvp is a good for everyone.
The gear grind is there to keep players hooked. Even GW2 only has standardized gear in their sPvP, but not in their world pvp. I don't mind having to grind out the gear for my main, but yes it's annoying having to regrind it on every subsequent alt, especially when SWTOR is designed for rolling alts.

No because my alts didn't die as quickly pre1.2. So even though I still had quite the grind, I could at least enjoy more of it.
That's simply because of the lower gear gap. Back then the highest tier of pvp gear was BM which is 140 rating and no augments. Now we have 146 rating gear with full augments.