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11.14.2012 , 05:06 PM | #35
So is it true there is no way to solo the HK-51 quest? I am a solo player and I don't mind a challenge but it always kind of sucks when something big like an additional character is dependent on your play-style. I really don't want ths to spark all the guilds and pvpers out there to attack a solo player with the whole "don't play an mmo then" thing it always comes down to.

It is just this. There are a good number of solo mmo players out there, and stuff like this just makes them feel left out of content, it never really turns them into a person who loves grouping suddenly. I understand the that market studies show those people who group tend to play longer so mmo games try to encourage grouping, and I don't mind missing out on some cool looking armor, the gear with the tip-top stats, even vehicles or special pets. Stuff like crafting ingredients, characters, story content, I think should be obtainable to people regardless of play-style. I think especially if you are a subscriber it should at least possible to get the type of aforementioned content even if you like to solo.

I would just love it if there was a way to scale down the content so that someone who played solo could see all of it even if the rewards were much, much less when completing something solo.

OR, OR, OR, or how is this for an idea? A solo server where all content is soloable, perhaps change some rewards so there is still an incentive to play on the group servers and do group missions and Ops. The population on other servers wouldn't suffer in any real way because anyone playing there would not have been looking for a group or doing pvp anyway.