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All crafting professions have recipes that are useful while leveling, but these items peter out at endgame. The market and profitability for leveling gear is rather limited. However, Artifice, Cybertech, and Biochem are itemized well, are not just valuable, but crucial to the endgame experience. The remaining crafting Crew Skills need serious love, with or without the Cartel Store offerings. Armstech, Synthweaving, and Armormech are poorly implemented and not useful at endgame (with the singular exception of Armstech barrels) with or without the Cartel Market offerings.

Enhancements, Mods, and RE-ing extra mods for stabilizers are critical to PVE endgame and profitability right now.

Hilt and Armoring recipes, while rare, are extremely valuable and useful.

Artifice can also learn/craft Relics, Cybertech earpieces, and Biochem implants.

Biochem also gets to make much-needed consumables (currently the market is iffy because of a reported bug/exploit I won't detail here, but should be fixed in the long run.).

Unmodded belt/bracer recipes for endgame are inferior to getting an Armoring and a Mod.

The creation of Augment Kits do not play into player power progression across tiers, is a split market between these three skills, and do not need to be replaced ever if one is satisfied with their moddable gear look.

The orange shells available for Synthweaving or Armormech are not unique or highly desired. PvP orange schematics are moderately useful to craft (especially if tiers like Battlemaster get removed from the vendor), but there is not a lot of variance and the looks are easily obtaining with commendations currently. Campaign and Dread Guard shell schematics are ludicrously difficult to obtain, while the pieces themselves are not, so there is not much of a market there.

Many schematics implemented via Underworld Trading crits are incomplete or have the incorrect model / texture on them. For example, the feet model that matches the Vagabond set properly is only available on the Dark Side vendor or the Hunter's Renowned Legacy boots. The Vagabond boots are simply copies of the Chanlon Onslaught model that does not appropriately match the aesthetics of the Vagabond pieces.

Augments, while important and useful, only need to be obtained once per character, since there are no new "tiers" of augments and the removal/replacement of augments is much cheaper than getting new ones made.