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11.14.2012 , 04:40 PM | #1
I played up to 25 and learned that my primary should be Willpower as opposed to Endurance. So I switched my gear and got a rude awakening. I found that as a healer I didn't have time to think if I were the target. I tried to adjust but couldn't. Now I've balanced my gear 50/50 will/end. I'm getting closer to Nadia and had the thought of maximizing her Will and continuing my 50/50 with if any leaning going to will. I was thinking of focusing on End totally but I'm nervous I just finished Attis Station what a pain in the rump. I'm concerned that if I don't put something in will that will choke me in instances when I really do need to add some muscle to my fight. But.... could a Nadia with punch be good enough?

Am I out of my mind with the endurance thing? Are any others playing to that style?