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As a sniper you should be able to solo easily and faster than most classes. Our weakness is that we are a bit squishy and can struggle on long fights such as against a Champion level mob. On trash fights we dominate.

You should always be in cover and open a fight with Ambush. The casting time is effectively zero if its all out of combat.

Kill enemies from weakest to strongest. This usually means opening against a normal mob. Depending on how much damage the ambush does follow with the quickest/cheapest ability that will kill the mob. Sometimes this is a simple basic attack and sometimes it's a snipe. If there are surrounding mobs it might also be a frag grenade. If it takes you 3 shots to kill most regular mobs you may need a better gun barrel. Ambush/snipe and later ambush/followthrough should kill one enemy.

Once the first guy is down move to the next weakest. Consider using explosive probe or snipe. Use whatever abilities will kill the enemy fastest and with the least amount of global cooldowns.

The strongest enemy should be last. Only use corrosive dart on elites or higher. If they die in under 15 seconds you won't get the full benefit.

If enemies get too close be prepared to debilitate and once you are able follow that up with a headshot or the other attack that requires a stunned opponent. Bind these somewhere where you can react quickly. Shiv is also good to finish off an enemy that is too close because it is instant.

Eventually cover pulse will be useful to keep stuff off you as well.

Finally, as others have mentioned, stick to one skill tree until you max it out. In marksman for instance you want to hurry and get followthrough. Nothing is worth delaying that.