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a 3k+ rated powertech is here to show you the hidden Tank/pyro hybrid which I have created called "Trucker spec" 21/2/18 I run this spec in rateds all the time its very viable.
I've been running this build on my Vanguard since well before 1.4 came out. I'm kind of sorry you, that you feel the need to make yourself sound important by claiming you've ''invented it'', sadly you did not. But I'm sure others appreciate you posting it. It is a very fun and unique build. I know I enjoy it, ya know, since I invented it months ago.

Also I don't know where all you people come up with the ''names'' for these builds. Trucker spec? really? That's even worse than Carolina Parakeet. At least you kept to the theme of these apparent build names that make absolutely no sense.
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