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11.14.2012 , 04:16 PM | #43
I'm currently using this:

About how to use it, not sure of a good way to explain that without having to make a monster post (and even then its hard cause its pvp players do different things)
Only thing in my rotation that almost never changes anyway would be:

Interogation Probe ---> Plasma Probe (2 sec stun) ---> Explosive Probe ----> Series of shots

As another guy rightly pointed out earlier, the biggest weaknes for us snipers is the terrain around us. Good players will exploit this like crazy. So place yourself a good distance from things people can LoS you with.

If interested here is a video of me playing my sniper. Just normal warzones so it's not really what a sniper should be doing in rated - Make some silly mistakes aswell, like trying to cover pulse a knight over cliff with 5 sec left on cooldown ^^.
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