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Hello all. I've been trying to find any facts about the Cartel Authorizations being bound. Can we sell or gives these away to F2P members in-game or will they be bound?

[...] i'd like to be able to purchase Authorizations with my free coins and give them to friends and guildies. But, will it even be possible?
All Cartel Market purchases are objectified in the game--that is to say, if you go through the Cartel Market and buy something, it's delivered as an object in your inventory.

The object is bound to you for a certain time period (which is based on your subscription level, less for Premium, more for Free), but after the time period elapses, it's unbound and becomes a freely tradeable object.

You can trade it, send it to people in mail, or put it up on the GTN, just like any other unbound object in the game.
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