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A veteran PVP player would understand that PVP environment is very volatile. Sorry, but "use your stun" looks great on paper, but just isn't practical. What if your stun is down from having used it on someone else? What if you are stunned yourself by someone else? What is he has full resolve? Once again, this is 8v8 not 1v1 and anyone who would even consider trading UR/GBTF for a stun lacks fundamental understanding of the PVP environment.

A good marauder will learn how to take advantace of the situation and use his abilities (including Undying Rage) to their fullest potential.
1. I never said I would trade UR for a stun cuz I wouldn't uts a very useful tool that when used right can be a gamechanger. If used at the wrong moment leaves you without a very good defensive cooldown and extremely vulnerable.

2. the resolve issue is completely separate. It is not the marauders fault that ppl do not use there stuns in a tactically sound way. If everyone were to use the in a tactically sound manner I guarantee you I would never get a kill while UR is up.

3.Do not use your stun to shutdown my rotation that is a waste use your interrupt thats what its for. For example a carnage spec mara you should use interrupt when you see them using ravage cuz that is the bulk of a carnage spec maras damage.
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