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I struggle to play Force classes because they've always been so bland for me. All the movies and a majority of games and even the few books I managed to tolerate have been about force users, so I have more than a general idea of what they're about, where they've been, where they're going (as force users in general).

In this game, Imperial Agent has been asbolutely fresh in an otherwise predictable well-documented cookie-cutter setting. Highly recommended story-wise and aesthetics-wise. Just highly recommended overall. First class I played from launch, went in not expecting anything. Had no clue it was going to be a cloak and dagger story. Was not disappointed.

Trooper......well, I love my Vanguard, but as far as story goes I don't even remember half of it. Very forgettable. No complexity or wow factor.

BH was moderately interesting, but I stopped playing him in the early 20's for aeshetic disagreements (seriously....bulky heavily armored bad-***......wielding a tiny-*** pea-shooter? End-game armor looks like scavenged trash sewn together? Does not fly with me). Really cool-looking ship though.
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