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I admit I had reservations, but they were mostly about the chiss being incorporated at all (I am a chiss fan through and through however so I am still glad I can play one). Simply because it's hard to then erase all evidence of them to the point where not one Republic race in the later eras would know who they were until even after Thrawn's time (the only three humans outside Palpatine and certain others to ever meet them obviously kept quiet...)

For instance, notable Jedi often live well beyond their lifespans in holocrons, records, legend etc. so what about the chiss Jedi people play? Or Sith? The non-Force classes are easier to explain away. I'm assuming the Empire and the Republic are virtually dismantled between TOR and the movies and the chiss just retreat back to where they began. Which could fit, when you think about it. Mutual near-genocide would do wonders to bring a xenophbic attitude like the movie-era chiss have.

That said, even before Thrawn there were chiss in the galaxy - Nuru Kungurama for one, a young chiss Jedi.

As to whether they work as agents, well, the relationship between the Ascendency and the Empire seems strained. See the sidequest on Balmorra and Imperial chatter on Hoth. They are allies, but they aren't friends, so I can certainly see defections from the more desperate ones.