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Hey everyone, with the arrival of Nightmare EC tomorrow, I thought it would be a good idea to post some of my very limited raid experience on the PTS regarding NM EC as there isn't alot of information on it atm. I will be updating this with live information as the raid opens up tomorrow.

Unfortunately, due to the gear gap on the PTS, the PuG group I pulled together on the PTS from all sorts of different guilds were unable to beat the hard enrage on the first boss (wiped at 4%). Thus I don't have detailed info or videos on the other bosses (video of our best attempt is available for Z & T)

Loot Table (may not be accurate)
Information taken from DrGordon in <Chosen>. Alot of drops are assumed.
  • Zorn and Toth: Hazmat Ear (could be random Hazmat piece)
  • Firebrand and Stormcaller: Dread Guard Bracer (assumed)
  • Colonel Vorgath: Dread Guard Belt: Chance for tank mount (see pic)
  • Kephess: Dread Guard Helmet (assumed)

Zorn & Toth
More detailed guide:
  • Bring Medpack to remove Baradium Poisoning
  • Red circles during Ground Shatter/Sonic Paralysis less forgiving
  • Enrage on 8m is ~ 5 minutes and both bosses have 800-900k HP

Firebrand and Stormcaller
  • Strict DPS Check, 1 add per group explodes
  • Double Destruction now lasts much longer, you can't have same two players taking them for a second time per phase
  • Incinerate armor also deals 100% more damage to that person, in addition to rendering their armor ineffective

Colonel Vorgathr
Information taken from DrGordon in <Chosen>
  • Row behind defused square turns red (this makes it harder for your 2nd tank to get across and also confine raid to smaller spaces but doesn't change puzzle solving) assassins immune

Information taken from DrGordon in <Chosen>
  • First 3 probes do 10k damage to any interrupter, 2 warriors per pack

Anyways, if you have more information to share, by all means