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*lurks in the shadows*

I thought you guys would have had a forumy websitey thingy
Nope! We are heavily of the belief that going off to some third party website or guild tools page (enjin, guildlaunch, whatever) is an outmoded and old fashioned way of doing things. We heavily embrace Facebook for collaboration since it's integrated into most peoples' lives already.

It isn't perfect by a long shot, but we strive to use tools that are more in line with every day communication as opposed to asynchronous (having to actively go somewhere) communication. Also Facebook, Mumble, and Google Drive integrate with iOS and Android phones very well which is another reason we choose to keep the majority of our information and communication in these tools.

Our webpage is strictly to redirect to said tools and provide a web portal for MoX Parser (and is probably in drastic need of an update.)
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