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Ok let's see a video of you rolling maras for fun or your simply lying. I believe your main is a mara or you wouldn't be getting involved. So please stop spreading your cheeks and telling us its ice cream.
I have never claimed to "roll maras for fun". Simply that they can be countered. My purpose in any warzone on my sorc is to keep my team alive. I cannot allow one person who is attacking me to stop me from doing that and so I have found ways to kite them and continue aiding my team. In the event that I end up in a truly unavoidable 1v1 situation, I can drag the fight out until I have help and understand that I am not supposed to be able to kill DPS specs as a healer. If I'm not defending a point, then I'll escape. If they are trying to lock me down, I drag them to other players to help me out. It's not hard to keep them more than 4 meters away.

If I'm stuck in a 1v1, I'll slow them at distance. I'll cast lightning strike until they start getting close and then I'll get on the move with my instant abilities like affliction and shock. If they open in stealth to close the gap, I'll throw lightning storm around me to get some damage on their way in. If they leap, then force speed away and slow them like my original plan or possibly let them take out my bubble for the stun (which truly is ridiculous, but that's a tangent). Once my slow wears off and they've caught up, it depends on spec. I'll cleanse after gore and overload saber if they're anni, but otherwise just keep heals on myself or use my cleanse to clear their slow. I'll keep them slowed during CoP and stay as far away as possible, but only heal with no attacks so that the duration only lasts 6 seconds. I try to keep my KB until my health is lower so that I can root them for 5 seconds and heal up during that time, and if I'm really low I will use whirlwind while they are too far away to interrupt me in the root. I generally don't worry about saving my stun for UR as the chances of me taking their health down enough to reach that point is low unless they are undergeared. It's usually better to use stun early if I'm getting low on life to drag the fight out longer. I keep my force speed for ravage unless they leap to me at the start in case I need to break a root from carnage.

Since you have offered me nothing to show that you understand anything related to marauders at this point, I do not intend on responding to your future posts unless your attitude changes. I have seen your baseline nerf mara posts in many threads at this point and don't feel that anything I say will change your stance or cause you to offer anything constructive to the community. So know that when you post your next 1 sentence comment in response, I do not intend to answer.
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