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I am going to say I think it would be very hard to buff damage operatives with their ccurrent stealth and lockdown type playstyle. They either need to make resolve more effective first/with that, or change operatives to be lest about stun timing and more about burst and restealthing.
I would prefer this playstyle change. I would rather hit harder with less cc than have all the cc in the world. that wouldn't work well in this game, however, where cc is so important. it's actually the concealment op's 2nd best utility: lock down the opponent while you and your teammate kill him. but yeah, give me burst + restealth > burst + stun. The deception assassin is like this. his combat stealth is a way to regen resources faster. that would be least for my scrapper, who has comparatively weaker defenses and less escapability than my deceptsin.
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