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I don't see any Tionese tanks surviving the last fight with Lokin too well (tank is gonna eat some satchels), so I don't agree the mission is designed for that level of gear. This mission is listed as a Hard level 2, so theoretically everybody will be in full Columi before they walk in. If the mobs dropped Rakata-level amoring, mods, and enhancements the loot would be better balanced.
Figure the loot drops are for your companions..... BTW I have tanked it in mix of Tionese and Columi on my BH tank and it wasn't to bad as long as you have a healer who knows what he's doing...

I've found the biggest obstacle to HM LI is healers, if you bring one that is not that good it's going to be wipe city... But bring in a good healer and as long as everyone knows the mechanics of the fights it's pretty easy to do without having to wear Rakata gear..
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