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11.14.2012 , 02:13 PM | #42
We're not dealing with an all or nothing, black and white situation. Don't lean on a binary for easy digestion, you;ll miss the details. I agree that the presence of adrenals would be absurd in the current pvp environment, but that is an anachronistic argument and therefore pointless to discuss.

People lived longer pre-1.2 even with adrenals, which gave more leverage to tactics and less to burst. But for some obscure reason, BW made the decision to radically increase kill times in lieu of adjusting specific problem and then, also implementing a nasty gear grind with it.

I do miss the bags, tbh. Which at the time I would have never thought I'd say. But the gear grind (which doesn't stop at the Wh set) we have today coupled with the insane damage being done, makes getting properly geared one heck of a task. I do not understand BW's failure to connect with their players rather than forcing their vision on us sans restraint. Is it really so hard for a dev to understand the symbiotic nature between designer and player?

My server, though active, is without a doubt losing more pvpers every week. So, I can't help but wonder if we'd see less hemorrhaging of the pvp community if leveling and gearing alts wasn't as daunting a journey as it is now and tactical creativity had more influence than the number of PTs and/or smash-jugs.