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(aside from playing the wrong advanced spec.)

This video shows two (I assume) relatively well geared players. One is powertech, one is mercenary, both are Pyro spec.

According to Bioware, we're all within 5% of each other, right?

According to some people on the forums, a Merc Pyro should never get beat by a PT Pyro.... because cleanse trumps all, and it's 'easier to kite' with. He also doesn't bother healing himself when he broke LoS with the PT.

So here's the video in question. Disclaimer, this is not my video, but I came across it looking for my daily youtube PVP dose. I apologize if the owner of the video did not want it posted.... and maybe if either person from this video peruse the forum you could add insight.

So all things being equal, BW's statement on DPS, their expertise at class balance, etc, etc.... what is the Mercenary doing wrong to get beat so soundly?
That merc is just *********** terrible. He didn't use his CC break properly, and didn't use his stuns properly. He also doesn't know how to kite.

The fight also favored the PT since they started close to each other both times. In a real match the PT would be farther away, and be forced to run up while getting hit or use his grapple. It would be like starting a fight with a knight by being next to him so he couldn't leap to you, and thus severely disadvantaging the knight.