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11.14.2012 , 01:19 PM | #19
To Physics / Infinite Darkness / Woops trash - Continue with your tears in /say they always give me a good laugh. U mad bro?

Skillex - The best player that has ever graced a MMO with his presence

Ibok - Keep jumping on your republic character and curse me out in whispers and leave every warzone Im in with you when you on your Imp

Calem - Best gunslinger on server

Morphin / Maege / Meme - All good maaaaan

WOOK - Fun rateds when people stay on and dont leave after every match

Deejah - Keep trying wittle mara one day youll bring me below 50% HP

Mancit - My favorite punching bag and free kill

Legend - Learn how to pull people in fire traps

Reginleif - Uh oh warzone looks bad /right click - leave warzone LOL nub

And the many other bads I forgot to list for there are many