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Honestly, dragons age 2 was disappointing, but I remember being satisfied upon completion. Only when I went back to replay did the many flaws make the re playability nigh impossible. I also enjoyed mass effect 3 up until the abriged endings. Extended cut went a long way towards improving the ending.

Mmo's are a different type of game. Improvements on a bi-monthly basis are to be expected.
The only reason I mentioned Dragon Age 2, was that seems to have been quite a pivotal point for Bioware. Some of the decisions made with DA2 left a lot of it's fan base scratching their heads. To the point that Bioware themselves have conceded since that they lost direction in development on DA2 and are aiming to rectify it with DA3.

The past 2 years for Bioware haven't exactly been great from a P.R. standpoint, Dragon Age 2, SWToR and Mass Effect 3...

Facts aside though, I will reiterate. I honestly feel that Bioware DO have it in themselves to move forward with SWToR. Get back on track and utilize what is great about the Universe we all know and love.
Recent MMO's have proven that a F2P model can breathe new life into the game, whilst also giving it a much more lucrative outlook.

I honestly feel that whilst WoW has made the MMO genre more mainstream (and lucrative) I feel it really is the cause of the stagnation of the MMO genre.
Whilst I do understand that new MMO's are launching against the WoW of today (with all of its bells and whistles) I do find it unrealistic to think that any MMO can launch with the amount of content, polish and features that WoW has today. (8 Years since release + 4-5 years development before release)

Going back to my previous point in the thread.
As gamers, we have come to expect far too much in my opinion. We as a collective (devs and gamers alike) need to not only acknowledge problems with the game, but be realistic about solving those problems.

I don't have a problem with anybody voting with their wallet as it's their right to do so. But if you care about this game then do so in a non inflammatory manner. Be constructive.

TL;DR Feedback is good, criticism is good. It only helps if done in a mature manner. We (devs and gamers) need to be realistic and work together to solve the problems.
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