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ilum is destined for failure without some massive changes to the game engine. and given by the fact that every "optimization" to the engine has only resulted in WORSE performance, i doubt that will happen.

this version of the hero engine can barely handle 8v8 warzone pvp, you think it will be able to handle 50v50 any better than it did in 1.1.5?
Yeah, that's the 20,000 pound elephant in that post. Would have been fine to have an ilum-related daily if ilum worked, but it didn't, and it got worse with every graphical "fix." Forget 50 v 50...Ilum handled 1 v 1s worse than anywhere else. Used to head to Korriban, hoth or tattoine to duel each other. Not Ilum.

Also, the he's leaving out merc comms, which were a really bad idea considering the only world sources spawned, like, once every 12 hours or something ridiculous.

I do agree that that was the high-water mark for class balance, though.