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11.14.2012 , 12:43 PM | #2
It may be my impression, but aren't you running a full AP spec with Ion cylinder ? That isn't much of a hybrid spec
Also your screeenshots show defeats... which tells me as good as a PT may be, hybrid specs are dead (rip Ironfist ). Firstly, you may be a top notch player, but you couldn't bring home victory, that may be because of the spec. That SS with over 1 mil dmg and zero kills is the best indicator - plenty of damage, but just not enough to kill and give your team some breathing space so they can cap. Secondly, the more your team sucks, the better the scoreboard will shift in your favor. If all your team mates would have at least half a brain and would understand focus fire, objectives, priority targets and CC like you, your numbers would be much lower because the play field would be more even.

Regardless, maybe an AP/Pyro hybrid can still work... maybe. Other than that, any other hybrid falls short vs pure specs... which is quite unfortunate. I love hybrids

Oh, but your guild has some awesome banners. Pulp Fiction Fett and Vader and Vader lighting one up... priceless. +1